[Logros] NBA Street Homecourt


Puntos: 40

Reach Level 5 In Homecourt Challenge Mode


Puntos: 50

Reach Level 10 In Homecourt Challenge Mode

Ash Park Champ

Puntos: 50

Complete The Ash Park Tournament In Homecourt Challenge Mode.

Online Showdown

Puntos: 30

Play 10 Games Online

Dialing Long Distance

Puntos: 50

Complete 7 Successful Long Distance Shots In A Single Game


Puntos: 50

Perform 5 Successful Jump-Off Dunks In A Single Game

Doubling Up

Puntos: 50

Perform 3 Successful Double Dunks In A Single Game

Tricked Out

Puntos: 50

Perform 10 Successful Trick Moves In A Single Game

GB Insanity

Puntos: 50

Perform 4 Gamebreakers In A Single Game

Ultimate Finish

Puntos: 50

Win A Game With A Gamebreaker

Seeing Double

Puntos: 60

Level Up 2 Different Created Ballers To Level 10

Rupert Bell Champ

Puntos: 70

Complete The Rupert Bell Tournament In Homecourt Challenge Mode

King of the Court

Puntos: 70

Win 10 consecutive games in Online


Puntos: 80

Reach Level 15 In Homecourt Challenge Mode

Cloverdale Champ

Puntos: 100

Complete The Cloverdale Tournament In Homecourt Challenge Mode

Ultimate Journey

Puntos: 150

Complete The Homecourt Challenge Mode